Saturday, June 18, 2011



I should start off by saying how much I don't like baking. Unlike cooking, where I can taste as I go and fix mistakes as they occur, baking is something I have no control over once I put it into the oven--and ask anyone who knows me, I'm a fan of being the one in control. I've had many a recipe go wrong for whatever reason, and it's always frustrating to make a huge effort and then not end up with the results you want (example: the florentines my mom and I attempted to make in December...utter failure). In any case, I had never made blondies before but decided they'd be fun to try out. Luckily, this was one of my better experiments.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

spanish tortilla


If there's one thing I love, it's comfort food done right. Since I was young, my mom's Spanish tortilla (or, as it's called in Spain, tortilla de patatas) has been one of my favorite dishes. It has three basic ingredients found in most kitchens: eggs, potatoes, and onion, making it an extremely cost-effective meal for a broke (and currently unemployed) college grad. It's delicious warm and cold, it's fairly easy to make, and although simple it's delicious. I've had my mom's, obviously, and when I went to Spain it was one of my favorite tapas to order. After craving it for awhile, I decided to take it upon myself to make my own version.